Unstable Elements


Short video showing the game from start to finish.


This game was created in the Abertay Serious Game Jam, January 2018. The University of St Andrews sponsored Abertay University to create games with the theme “Chemistry”.

We decided to make a game out of eight small minigames, one after the other – each of them steps of a scientific experiment.

This was an ethical jam, so we were allowed to work a maximum of 8 to 12 hours a day. Myself and my four team mates put 20 hours of work into this each, starting at 11am on Wednesday and finishing at 2pm on Friday.

My team consisted of two programmers, two artists and a designer. For our efforts, we were one of the three winning teams.


Engine/Framework & Language

Unity3D & C#

Project Goal(s)

Abertay Serious Chemistry Game Jam

Development Time

20 hours