Some Adventure Game



This was one of my second year solo projects. The aim was to build a simple 3d game, showing off our ability to do scripting. We could do this in any engine we want – I chose to do it in Unity3D (as did nearly every other student).

This game was a simple point-and-click adventure game, where the main character (the samurai) would complete some really basic quests – such defeating the skeletons attacking the town, collect a few plants and items from the floor and exploring three full 3d environments.

The project went on for only 3 days – and was never finished, as I was recruited by deltaDNA and the subject was no longer necessary to complete. Although it wasn’t far from completion, with the combat, dialogue and questing working – there was only level design to do.

All assets in the game were from the KenneyLand free 3D asset pack.

Engine/Framework & Language

Unity3D & C#

Project Goal(s)

College 2nd year solo scripting project.

Development Time

3 days.