Fullmetal 3D OpenGL Scene Graph


Fullmetal in the early days of development.


Fullmetal is a simple framework that I am building to help build scenes in OpenGL faster, with a GUI and IO that allows editing of the nodes in run-time and editing of the scenes structure without recompiling the C++ code.

It also comes with helpers for OpenGL that aren’t tied into the node system, including things like Cameras, Vector3, Colors, Transforms, Tris, Quads and more.

Default nodes include primitives such as cubes, spheres, tris, quads, planes (made out of many tris or quads), ambient lights, directional lights and spot lights.

The scene-graph-node structure allows easy handling of positions relative to one another. Check out the full readme and API over at Fullmetal’s github for the feature list and code.

Engine/Framework & Language

OpenGL, ImGui, JSON & C++

Project Goal(s)

Level editor for University OpenGL products. Learn more about tools programming.

Development Time

Development ongoing, started 21.09.2017. Est. 1 month.