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While studying at Edinburgh College, I was recruited by a company called deltaDNA, who specialize in analytics for mobile games.

We started working on a small mobile match3 game in October 2015. Its intention is to work as a tech demo to show off the features of the deltas analytics platform. During this time I was the only programmer on the project, but I got to work closely with some of the core staff, including Franco Spina (F2P game designer), Sergio Alex (graphic designer), Chris Wright (CTO) and other talented developers.

I continued to work on the game for a few days a week until exam time started. Later, I was contracted by Delta for three full time months, in order to finish the product for release.

Working at DeltaDNA has taught me a lot about working in a team and developing for the mobile platform. The game is available on both the iOS App Store and at the Google Play Store. You can view the official deltaCrunch page here.

Engine/Framework & Language

Unity3D & C#

Project Goal(s)

Demo for deltaDNA’s analytics product.

Development Time

8 months, 1-2 days a week. 3 months, full time.