Age of Egypt



This was my 1st year group project. A team of 3 of us made a small strategy that was based on Age of Empires. The game would allow the player to build a base (after gathering materials), with towers and units – that would defend against the incoming waves of enemies and the final boss, ‘Ra’. The player would lose after their temple was destroyed.

There were multiple maps, difficulties and varying gods that would give you different battle bonuses during the game.

I was the lead programmer on the project. I was responsible for the overall project architecture (Entity-Component System), as well as doing basic AI, pathfinding and the base building code.

Overall we got an A for our efforts.

Engine/Framework & Language

XNA 2010 & C#

Project Goal(s)

College 1st year group project.

Development Time

4 months, 1-2 days a week.