About Me

My name is Charlie Gillies, I’m a 20-something year old computer programmer with a keen interest in games and software. My favorite areas of programming are tools, software architecture, gameplay programming and networking.

I’ve been programming since 2012, when I founded a games development company with a friend who taught me how to program, this is where I first learned C# and Unity3D. I’ve now worked in the industry for a year as lead programmer on deltaCrunch for deltaDNA in Edinburgh, but I am currently finishing my education at Abertay University in Dundee while working on building a game engine for Pepper Wars 1, a full version of the prototype you can see in my portfolio.

This website is my portfolio and blog. I primarily post about the technical challenges I find interesting, my perspective on things in the games industry and about cool new things I find out about programming. You can also view my LinkedIn for more information about me, and GitHub to look at code samples and projects.

Feel free to get in contact if you’d like to discuss anything about what I’m working on, or any interesting technical problems you’re having. Thank you for reading!